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About Us

The Barbershop Experience in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Our family owned and operated company takes great pride in bringing you products that are both effective and good for your body. It is our mission to provide all consumers the highest quality products containing the safest ingredients that make you look and feel good.

We created these products after years of research and development, implementing ideas from both the Scapicchio family, owners of Scapicchio Barbershop, and Dr. Robert Cutler, a Board Certified Physician, to bring you the best products for your skin.

Why Choose Scapicchio  Products ? 

At Scapicchio Barbershop, we are committed to making the best at no compromise. Compare our ingredients! Our products were developed ingeniously to give great results while offering health benefits and being completely free from toxic and harmful chemicals per the EWG. We want you to look your best, feel your best and be your best every day. These products are designed for everyone and can help prevent and soothe common problems due to razor burns, ingrown hairs, nicks and cuts. The botanicals, minerals and amino acids in these products help minimize signs of aging by providing smoother skin. All products are physician developed, hypo-allergenic and physician recommended.

Who We Are

Scapicchio Barbershop Products have many influences behind what we offer. The Scapicchio family are a line of professional barbers who have been studying the craft since 1820, each generation passing to their children the techniques of an extraordinary shave. This led them to create Accademia Scapicchio, a school teaching these shaving techniques to aspiring professionals.

These products are also influenced by Dr. Robert Cutler, a Board Certified Physician. Dr. Cutler has developed many products, including one of Amazons top selling facial wipes, Doctor Butler’s Organic Soothing Wipes. He has many accolades in his field and collaborates with the Scapicchio’s to create the best grooming products available.


Will the Scapicchio After Shave sting my face when applying?

No because our products do not contain any alcohol.

Can I still use these products if I use an electric razor?

Yes of course, We actually recommend using all of our products whether it’s with a Straight Razor, Cartridge Razor, Double Edge Razor (Safety Razor) or an Electric Razor.

Can I use these products if I have adult acne?

Yes! Our products can help the healing of blemishes and bumps from your skin.

Can each of the Scapicchio items be used on their own, or do I have to use them as a regimen?

You will see the best effects when using all of our products, but of course you can use them individually as needed.

Do I need to use a special razor with the shave cream in order to get an optimal shave?

No special razor is needed. Our products have been created with all shaving devices in mind.

Do you have a


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