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Our Products

Shaving Cream 

Our unique Shaving Cream Formula conditions your skin before shaving allowing for an extraordinarily close shave

Complete Body Spray & Toner

Our Body Spray & Toner helps clear pores, remove oil and dirt from the skin and diminish the appearance of blemishes

Pre Shave Conditioner

Our Pre-Shave Conditioner will prepare your skin and soften your beard helping prevent razor burns and bumps

Anti-Aging After Shave Serum

Our Anti-Aging After Shave Serum reduces signs of aging, hydrates your skin and minimizes signs of razor bumps

Natural Beard Oil

Our Natural Beard Oil Hydrates to help prevent Dry, Itchy Skin and Irritation while adding Shine and Softness to Beard

Rapid Results Gel Eye Cream

Our Under Eye Treatment is infused with Macro Minerals to provide  Healthy, Hydrated, Fresh and more Vibrant looking eyes


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For Contact Outside of the United States Vittorio Emanuele 28, 71023 Bovino

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